Privacy Policy

Honda Sangyo Co., Ltd respect for your privacy and recognize the importance about strict observation of laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and the handling of your personal information. We are engaged in the following initiatives.

Collection of your personal information
We request you to give us your personal information when you use the service that require your information for inquiry about our products・service or data download.
Purpose of use of your personal information
We use your personal information for only responding to inquiries and our sales activity.
We don't use your personal information without your permission except legitimate purpose.
Correction・deletion of your personal information
We're trying to deal with it in the right way about confirmation or deletion in the case of mistake or change for our customer’s information that we manage.
Provision to a third party
We don’t provide a third party with your personal information without your permission.
Acquisition of user information
We acquire access log information like an action history information or attribute information and we use it for the operation and management of this website, analyzing access status and sales activity etc.
Disclaimers about the disclose of personal information
We don’t disclose your personal information except below.
  1. In the case of disclose or use your personal information with customer’s permission.
  2. In the case of requesting disclosure in accordance with an order or statute and warrants issued by the court and other court decisions.
  3. In the case of inquiring into information by the appropriate procedure from prosecutor, police and supervisory authority.
Scope of application of privacy policy
This privacy policy applies to when we use your personal information collected by this website.
Change of privacy policy
We can change the privacy policy at any time except unless required by laws and regulations.
Complaints and contact information about your personal information
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